The design of your garden begins with our first meeting, which is arranged at a convenient time for you, on site. This meeting will give us the opportunity to meet you and familiarize ourselves with all the different aspects of the area that needs landscaping. We will discuss your thoughts and ideas about your garden aiming in getting a feeling about your personal style and the way you want to use your outdoor space.
This meeting and conversation takes about 60 to 90 minutes. It helps us to develop your brief that will enable us to propose the best possible solution for you. While on your site we will discuss different design alternatives to suit your property, as well as suggest various plants and materials. We will also present other projects that we have completed in the area.
Subsequently, we will put in writing our design and cost proposals before proceeding to the next step, which is to develop a complete concept plan and list of plants.
This consultation and quotation is TOTALLY FREE and without any obligation. It has assisted many of our clients in making their final choices and decisions for one of the most important parts of their home or business, their garden.

If you require information that can be answered without visiting your place please fill in the form below to contact us.

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